All Mountain Style Frame Guard Review

Reviewed by: Essex Herts MTB -
All Mountain Style Frame Guard
We review the All Mountain Style Frame Guard. This high tech honeycomb protection system promises to keep your frame shiny and new. We take a look.

All Mountain Style Frame Guard Introduction

With the ever increasing price of frames keeping your investment ‘box fresh’ is important. It helps with resale and unnecessary scuff and scrapes are annoying. Pretty much the first thing I do with a new frame is get it heli-taped up. However the cheap stuff goes yellow after a year and the expensive stuff, you always end up paying for more than you need. Spanish brand All Mountain Style offer MTB specific protection and got in contact to see what we would think of it.

  • High impact and rub resistance honeycomb 380 microns semi-rigid PVC.
  • Minimum weight (20 grams / 0.70 ounces)
  • Cool look & feel honeycomb material.
  • Easy to install. Allows repositioning while installing.
  • Automotive-grade materials. Won't yellow over time.
  • 9 parts for a universal protection system: 1 big part for the down tube; 5 arrow parts for extending the down tube protection or for the chainstay or for top tube; 3 circles for cable wear protection.
  • Comes in 2 sizes - XL and Normal.
  • Comes in 4 colours Clear, Black, Fluro Orange and Fluro Yellow.
  • Price: £18 to £22 approx

All Mountain Style Frame Guard
"Automotive-grade materials. Won't yellow over time"

All Mountain Style Frame Guard packaging and fitting

  • Packaging is tidy and nicely put together recyclable cardboard
  • PVC definitely feels thicker than normal heli-tape. It’s a bit more rigid and the honeycomb has a rather nice tactile feel to it.
  • In the package you get 9 separate pieces including one large down tube protector. You can extend this with the 5 chevrons that are also included. There are also 5 circular pieces which are a good size for stopping cable rub
  • Fitting is easy. You don’t need long fingernails to lift it off the backing and it’s not so tacky that you end up fighting it off you as it attempts to stick you everything you go near.
  • If required the Frame Guard is easy to cut to custom shapes.
  • Once in place it can be gently repositioned prior to pushing it down in its final place.
  • According to All Mountain Style you can remove it with some heat. We haven’t had to try this as yet as we are happy with where it is.
  • Once on it feels rock solid. It didn’t bubble and the edges stuck down without fuss. We did thoroughly clean the areas we applied it to give it the best possible chance of sticking firmly.
  • For the money it would be good to see a few more sections.

All Mountain Style Frame Guard
"Once in place it can be gently repositioned prior to pushing it down in its final place."

All Mountain Style Frame Guard in use

  • The All Mountain Style Frame Guard does look rather good. The honeycomb texturing adds a nice effect to any paint job and is a world away from the yellowing helitape ive put up with in the past. Its not so thick that it detracts from the bike.
  • Protection wise I feel it offers a mid point between heli tape and a full carbon guard. Its going to deflect away stones and other rubble but as it doesn't have any real structural quality it wont fend off a large impact like a rigid guard would.
  • I would still cover my lower down tube with a hard guard, as the All Mountain Style Frame Guard wont provide protection against big rock strikes. It doesn't claim to so that's not a negative. "lab testing" showed us that it deadened the sound of a metal on metal strikes indicating dissipation of some of the impact energy.
  • The All Mountain Style Frame Guard resisted water ingress well. There were no signs of it peeling at the edges. It got peppered with a number of jet washes over our muddy spring and summer. In addition mud grease and oil was kept at bay. It even got blasted with dot fluid after a brake bleed went very wrong, and it shrugged it off.
  • The frame guard didn't show any signs of wear. I did expect that over time that the patches protecting from against cable rub would maybe loose their texture but they have held up well.
  • The logos on the larger pieces, might not be something you want all over your bike.

All Mountain Style Frame Guard
"I would still cover my lower down tube with a hard guard."

All Mountain Style Frame Guard - Final Thoughts

All Mountain Style Frame Guard, comes neatly packaged, is easy to apply and has thus far stayed in place. It wont wont protect your frame from you smashing into a boulder but it will offer better protection than standard helitape against cable and heel rub, cosmetic damage from rock and logs,and damage from shuttling your bike. We feel they could offer a bit more material for the price. However if you don't need any extra than is in the pack, then you cant really go wrong.

Find out more about the All Mountain Style Frame Guard here.