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Essex Herts MTB is a place for meeting other mountain bikers from Essex, Hertfordshire, and London. Feel free to join by registering on the forum.

We are very much a mixed age group and anyone is welcome. The emphasis is on freeride and downhill mountain biking but much of the time is spent riding XC & trail. Check the gallery for the sort of riding we do.

We ride all around the South East and London including... Epping Forest, Danbury, Woburn Sands, Chicksands, Aston Hill and Thorndon. The forum is the best place to find out what rides are planned.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I join your rides?
    • Sign up on the forum and check the posts for the latest rides. There is always something going on in both the XC / Trail riding and the Downhill Jump areas. New riders are always welcome. Make sure you check the gallery to see the sort of riding that we do.
  • Where do you ride XC and AM?
    • We ride in Epping Forest, Broxbourne Woods, Danbury, Hainault, Langdon Hills, Woburn Sands, Aston Hill, Bedgebury and some trips further round the M25 to the North Downs, Chiltern Hills and Bracknell Forest / Swinley. There are also rides in, The Peaks, Cannock Chase, as well as the Welsh trail centres.
  • Where do you ride downhill, freeride and jumps?
    • We ride in Danbury, Warely, Woburn Sands, Chicksands, Aston Hill as well as numerous local jump spots. There are always a few downhill away days on the go. In the last year we have been to Uk Bike Park, Cwm Carn, Forest of Dean, Triscombe, Rogate, Hindhead, the Bull Track, PORC as well as some “winch and plummet” days on the North Downs. There are usually a few who make it out to the Alps / Spain each year as well.
  • How do I find out where these riding spots are?
  • Where do you meet for your rides?
    • Check the mtb trails page for details of where to park. Or check the forum for details for each ride. If your not sure just ask.
  • Do you have a regular ride at a regular time?
    • No. We are not a club in that sense. However the volume of rides being posted means that there is usually an Epping/ Thorndon trail ride and a Woburn / Danbury downhill session most weekends.
  • Are you beginner friendly?
    • Of course and proud of it! If it wasn’t for others showing us routes and how to ride, this site wouldn’t exist. We will be more than happy to direct you towards the rides which are good for new riders. Weekend Epping / Thorndon rides are a great way to meet people and arnt technically challenging unless you ride them fastnloose.
  • How fast do you ride?
    • There are rides for all abilities. Often it will say on the ride thread. If it doesn’t feel free to ask.
  • Do you offer rides for experienced mountain bikers?
    • Whether you’re looking to do some epic XC, or love to monster a big bike through rock gardens you will find good riders here also looking to take on challenging terrain and rides.
  • What sort of mountain bike do I need?
    • It really depends on what and where you want to ride. Get a feel for that before trying to work out what to buy. The main brands all produce sorted bikes with good geo and kit these days. A reasonable quality hard tail in good running order, is the basic requirement for most venues.
  • What equipment do I need?
    • At a minimum food, water, spare tube, tyre levers, pump and multi tool so you can fix your own issues.
  • What protection do I need?
    • You must have a helmet. The rest is up to you. A full face for the downhill venues is a good idea to.
  • I’m having problems logging in?
    • If you are please send us a note in the contact us section below, and we will try and help out.
  • Is Essex Herts MTB on Facebook?
    • Yes we are. Add us to Facebook to get quick updates on rides http://www.facebook.com/people/Essex-Herts-Mtb/100001941848120
  • Can I view the site on my mobile?
    • Yep! The site works well in mobile browsers. You can also use tapatalk to view the forum on your Smartphone. Its a bit less fiddly than using a web page on a small screen. It’s a paid for app but well worth it for the convenience. Do us a favour though and remove the posted by tapatalk signature it inserts. Open Tapatalk, click settings at the bottom right. Scroll down to Post Creation and click on Signature. From there you can turn signature off.

If you have any other questions just sign up to the forum and ask them there.

Contact Us

If you are having trouble getting access the forum feel free to contact us below.

If its a question about where to ride, how to meet up, or anything ride related just sign up to the forum and post there. This form just goes to the website admin. Please fill in all fields. Cheers!

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Essex Herts MTB on Facebook

Add us to facebook to get quick updates on rides http://www.facebook.com/people/Essex-Herts-Mtb/100001941848120


Here are a few links out to people or sites that we think are worth checking out.

Specialising in Lights and accessories for Biking, Orienteering and Running. Official Magicshine UK distributor.

Their aim is to help people to achieve their riding goals, have more fun on their bikes and find their flow. Thier Vision is to become the the UK’s leading mountain biking instruction, riding and events company.

A nice bunch of guys doing MTB coaching, who really know thier stuff. Loads of us here have done the courses and loved them. Much better value than buying a new part for your bike.

A family run business who specialise in cycle hire in Epping Forest and bike servicing. They have a personal passion for cycling, as well as experience and expertise to support you.

South Woodham BMX track and dirt jumps
Facebook page for a potential BMX and dirt jump track at South Woodham.

A great place to find out stuff about the South East MTB scene. Especially stuff south of the bridge.

A focus on mountain biking in the East Midlands and Peak District.

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