Andystand AS2 Bike Stand Review

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Andystand AS.2 Bike Stand
The Andystand AS.2 Bike Stand, allows for quick repairs & cleaning on the move. Does such a simple idea means less time tinkering and more time riding?


I have been looking at getting a small bike stand for a while. With the winter we have had I wanted to be able to change the position of the bike when cleaning. Doing it in the same place was soaking my wooden fence and turning a portion of my garden into a bog. I tried making some wheel stands but these weren't great and didn't give me the option of cleaning the all-important chain and gears easily. The Andystand looked like it could provide the solution. The original Andystand AS.1 is fully rigid, which works well when you’re not transporting it about. However the second version folds flat so you can store it in your flat or throw it in the car. This is the review.

The Specs

  • The Andystand is Lightweight, rigid and stable Construction.
  • The stand be used as a wash stand for all compatable bikes. No clamps means its carbon friendly.
  • Designed and manufactured in Yorkshire, UK. 100% Made in Britain.
  • Made using powdercoated and zinc plated steel tubing.
  • Compatible with Shimano, FSA, Raceface, Sram and many other cranksets with a 20mm hole.
  • The AS.2 will hold up to 43lbs
  • Dimensions : 62 × 45 × 7 cm
  • The AS.2 is available in Textured Black, Orange, Pink, Sky Blue, Lime Green, Silver, White, Yeti Turquoise, Red, Hope Green.
  • Free UK postage and packaging. Worldwide shipping available.
  • Andystand AS.2 RRP is £44.99

Andystand AS.2 Bike Stand
"Compatible with Shimano, FSA, Raceface, Sram and many other cranksets"

Design and Durability

  • The AS.2 is a beefy bit of kit. It has a solid frame but is still very portable.
  • The Andystand has solidly held Enduro and DH bikes in our testing. 41lbs was the heaviest bike used in testing the stand, and it had no problems keeping it in place.
  • It opens out smoothly and is easy to get into position.
  • Uneven ground does not seem to affect it stability. We’ve had it out in shingle car parks and on grass and it works well
  • It folds flat and is easy to transport. It easily fits in in even the smallest car.
  • Having 360 degree access to the bike, which you don’t get leaning it against a wall, makes bike prep easy and quick.
  • Knowing I could get the bike in position quickly for cleaning, actually encouraged me to do a bit more post and pre ride servicing. No mean feat!
  • With the bike partly raised, it was easy to do a full clean of the wheels and hubs.
  • Despite repeated jet washing and hosing, the Andystand showed no sign of getting rusty or creaky.
  • The paint has proven to be very durable. No chipping or scratching thus far.
  • It’s nice to have so many color options.
  • The AS2's decals and branding are smart and stay in place well.
  • The Andystand will easily support the weight of the bike, but adding 200lbs of fat MTBer pressing down on it, does cause it to flex. You are warned against doing this! Removing a really stiff pedal might need to be done elsewhere.
  • Not all cranks have a 20mm hole. If you have an retro bike with a square taper, ISIS or Octalink bottom bracket it won’t work.
  • If you have a very powerful hose it can blow the bike to the edge of the supporting arm and potentially off the stand.

Andystand AS.2 Bike Stand
"Having 360 degree access to the bike, which you don’t get leaning it against a wall,
makes bike prep easy and quick"

Test Info

  • Tested when - Summer
  • Tested where - In the garden, trail head car parks, UK / Scotland road trip
  • Level of care for kit - Left muddy and wet and covered in muck off and chain lube
  • Tested with - SRAM and Shumano cranks on DH, Enduro and 29er bikes
  • Other similar products used - none really but have used a lot of standard bike stands.

Andystand AS.2 Bike Stand
"200lbs of fat MTBer pressing down on it, does cause it to flex...."

Final Thoughts

Comparing the Andystand to a normal stand isn’t a like for like comparison. Its faster to erect, much smaller, and quicker to dry. The trade off is that it doesn’t offer the full range of access that a large stand can. I found it an excellent tool for pre ride tinkering and post ride cleaning. On our recent Scotland road trip it was invaluable in fixing chains, adjusting the cockpit, getting prepped for cleaning, lubing drivetrains, sorting out shifting etc. It will go in the back of the car on any future trips and will get used in my garden after every muddy ride. It would also work well if space at home is at a premium, as it's so compact when folded down.

The price may put some people off the Andystand, but I’ve gotten a lot of value out mine. Andy makes these in limited quantities and the price reflects the cost of small scale production. It has made post ride cleaning quick and easy, and the convenience it offers means that my bike is getting looked after, much more regularly.

Find out more about the Andystand AS.2 Bike Stand here.

Andystand AS.2 Bike Stand

Andystand AS.2 Bike Stand