Vulpine Merino T-Shirt Review

Reviewed by: Essex Herts MTB -
Vulpine Merino T-Shirt
We test out the latest in comfy merino bike wear from Vulpine.
The Tasmanian Merino Wool V-Neck T-Shirt.

What Vulpine say about their Merino T-shirts

Vulpines Ts are made with 180 gram Tasmanian merino wool, with flatlock contrast-stitched for comfort against the skin. The cut is slim, but not body-hugging. Go down a size if you want your guns on display, or up a size if you prefer a looser fit. The back is cut long for a cyclist's position over the bars. There is a single pocket for a phone or valuables, fastened by a single engraved button. The pocket is finished with a strip of reflective Scotchlite, to aid night riding.

Whats so special about Merino?

Merino sheep and their antibacterial wool are the secret! Merino wool also keeps you warm in the cold and cool in the heat. Merino is hydrophilic, drawing water from the skin quickly and allowing it to evaporate, cooling your body. When it is cold merino traps warm dry air next to your skin, keeping you toasty.

Vulpine Merino T-Shirt
"Damm is it soft… it feels great on!"

Vulpine Merino T-Shirt Specs

  • 100% Tasmanian Merino Wool
  • Odour-resistant
  • Cycling fit
  • Fast drying
  • Flatlock stitching
  • Rear button pocket
  • Reflective detail on pocket
  • Embroidered Vulpine branding
  • V neck and round neck options
  • Recommended Retail Price: £55

Vulpine Merino T-Shirt
"The rear button pocket, embroidered Vulpine branding and reflective detail all add to the premium feel of the T-shirt"

Vulpine Merino T-Shirt In Use

  • The fit of the Vulpine Merino T-Shirt is as described. Snug enough to look athletic but not so tight that you can’t wear it down the pub. It feels nicely tailored.
  • Damm is it soft… it feels great on!
  • The Flatlock stitching stopped any rubbing, even on pressure points like the shoulder where our packs tends to press.
  • The wicking properties of Merino are well known and the Vulpine Merino T-Shirt doesn’t fail to impress. The T- Shirt dried a lot quicker than a cotton top.
  • Merino also has impressive odor control. We wore it for 7 rides without washing, to attempt to get it stinky. By the end its still smelt ok under the arms. Most Merino garments are odor resistant but it’s still impressive. Our test team are a sweaty bunch!
  • The rear button pocket, embroidered Vulpine branding and reflective detail all add to the premium feel of the T-shirt
  • The top we tersted was more resistant to pilling than other merino we have used previously.
  • Vulpine's eye for detail even extends to the packaging their products. Its neat, smart and environmentally friendly.
  • The merino is incredibly soft and fine. It won’t last as well as man-made materials when ploughing through bramble bushes as sometimes happens mtbing.
  • The rear pocket, although beautifully detailed, isn’t secure enough for valuables when riding off road. On road maybe, but off road, zippers are needed.

Vulpine Merino T-Shirt
"It won’t last as well as man-made materials when ploughing through bramble bushes"

Final Thoughts

Merino is amazing stuff, and its wicking odor and temperature control properties are well known. The Vulpine Merino V-Neck T-Shirt does what it says on the tin in this respect. Its super soft, dry’s fast and despite multiple rides without washing, it refused to smell. The RRP might be seem expensive. However the Vulpine costs a similar amount to other well-known brands, but has some lovely cycling specific details as well. The flatlock stitching avoids rubbing, and the cycling fit snuggles you in the right areas, but still gives you space to move.

The Vulpine website makes picking the right size easy. It has real world feedback, from riders of different shapes as to what works for them. The site also conveys their, made by riders for riders ethos, that can be seen in the cut and detailing on the shirt. The only real negative is that there is a time and a place to wear this as an outer layer when off roading. It’s not going to stand up to brambles and snagging as well as a man-made top, but that is to be expected, and the benefits over a cotton mix or polyester top are significant. Find out more about the Vulpine Merino V-Neck T-Shirts here.

Vulpine Merino T-Shirt