Lordship Loop Tottenham Mountain Biking

Riding at the Lordship Loop Tottenham

This pumptrack is full of rollers, berms, roller doubles and step-up jumps and is rollable by all abilities but with more challenging jumps for experienced riders.

Commissioned by Haringey council the Lordship Loop construction was led by Rowan Sorrell. The design has had significant input from Rowan himself as well as the different local community groups including Lordship Recs local off road cycling club The Trax. It's great to see a community project like this appear.

It's worth checking out. There has been some feedback that it's too pedally, and that you can loose speed unless you are very skilled. We are sure it will get refined over time.

Lordship Loop Tottenham Location & Links

How to get there by train from London

  • The nearest stations are Tottenham Hale tube and Tottenham Hale and Bruce Grove overland.

How to get there by car

  • By car follow the postcode N17 6HE.

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